gratitude 3:8:16

On International Women’s Day,  I present my beautiful daughter Sasha’s most recent blog post. As always, she’s keeping it real, talking about herself, true love and farting.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did:

“My boyfriend and I recently celebrated one year together on March 1st, 2016. It was a big deal for me considering I have never really had a boyfriend before and committing to anything for a long period of time was usually not something I was up to. To be honest Joseph makes it really easy to be in a relationship with someone for a long time. Most of the time he is nothing but a loving, caring, funny, great partner. Thats not to say he doesn’t have flaws, everyone has flaws. As I usually do I will be pointing out some of his right now; he has really bad hearing (he claims its from being a musician), when I get mad at him he has a tendency to laugh when I’m trying to be serious, getting him out of the house takes about 10-20 minutes longer than it should, there are more that I just can’t think of at the moment.

But you see I have flaws too but as I usually do, I won’t be sharing any of them. One of the things I love most about Joseph is that whether my flaws be gross, annoying or probably incredibly unattractive he loves me. As a matter of fact most of the things that I consider flaws of something to be insecure about he usually says is “cute”. For example, I fart just as EVERYONE else in the world does. About three months in I accidentally let out a small fart. Both of us went silent and I immediately thought of something I could blame it on he smile and laughed a little and all he said was “Thats so cute!”.

The reason I am sharing this weird fart story or even blogging at all is because I love him so much for loving me in so many ways. Also because we are sitting in our new apartment and I was saying how I wanted to blog again. He has always wanted me to blog again mostly because he thinks its cute, but also because he knows I enjoy doing. When I asked him what to blog about he answered with no hesitation “blog about me”. So I did.”

Huge heaps of gratitude to all of the women out there, near and far and in my heart; always inspiring, enriching and enlivening in so many unfathomable ways.


About livebig365

Join me as I dive in to the deep end of the pool and challenge myself to live big and love big. What does that mean? In 2012 , I accepted the invitation to push myself beyond my comfort zone, at least once a day, and engaged and responded to my life, or a given situation in my life, in a way that would normally scare the hell out of me. Why did I do it it? Because it was time time to begin, and I was ready! Each day brought a new revelation, lesson, challenge, encounter, a teaching moment, that revealed to me that living big and loving big are uniquely interconnected. Welcome 2013, the year of lovebig 365. Each post was an expression of love experienced, witnessed, inspired, manifested. It didn't always make sense in the moment, and yet its sheer mystery hopefully evoked a beautiful affirmation of life and all of its shimmery brightness; broken up, lovely to behold, tender and full of purpose. 2014, jagged, bumpy, disjointed posts. 2015, silence, and plenty of growth within that silence. Manifesting 2016: The creation of a gathering place for gratitude. Join in the wavering, audacious, unequivocal fun. 2017: Reflection 2018: POWER, MAGIC, TRANSFORMATION
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