The Twenty First Day: The Seven Steps to Becoming Unstuck!


The title is a practice of mine that has fallen by the way side over the past two weeks. I’m surprised by how much I have missed it, and more importantly, how quickly I slide back into old behaviors without it.  I’ve been pushing hard again, falling into habitual thinking patterns where I try to force the peace rather than be the peace. If I were my own client, and for the sake of argument I’m going to pretend that I am, I would say that I have a rather obvious third chakra disconnect.

And before you back away from the post and say, “Uh, oh, yoga hocus-pocus,” it’s really just about self-empowerment, fine-tuning where I am at, realigning to connect to an inner peace that I have come to recognize and appreciate as something akin to soft joy or limitless freedom. There’s great strength, for me, in a pliable, whirling, sensuous spirit. It’s about conjoining acceptance and letting go, seeing pain and possibility as equal discoveries, allowing the inner energy of my life to open me up to a deeper, more tender, energetically alive space. And it begins, quite simply,  on the yoga mat.

It’s a simple practice, only 7 steps, takes about 15 minutes, if I linger in a prone position. For what it’s worth:

  1. Breathe: Lie on your back in a quiet place, close your eyes and breathe deeply
  2. Awaken: Begin, (go with me here), to connect to the subtle body within.
  3. Connect: Essentially join the subtle body to the physical body, so slowly and simply while continuing to breathe deeply.
  4. Move: Stand up slowly and roll a tennis ball along the soles of both feet. Continue deep diaphragmatic breathing.
  5. Balance: Basically, standing on one foot and breathing. Count to seven, switch sides.
  6. Invert: Get your head below your heart. Legs up the wall is a great one. Keep breathing, deeply.
  7. Transform: Either on your back, or in a seated meditation position, regular breath.

I take my time, I play around with positions and I breathe and move and feel my way through an awareness of a desire that I want to adhere deeply to the essence of who I truly am. Essentially, I become unstuck. It’s that simple.

If you are interested in the practice and need more description, and want to see some with funky pictures of me, feel free to go to

Big Loving Namaste!

About livebig365

Join me as I dive in to the deep end of the pool and challenge myself to live big and love big. What does that mean? In 2012 , I accepted the invitation to push myself beyond my comfort zone, at least once a day, and engaged and responded to my life, or a given situation in my life, in a way that would normally scare the hell out of me. Why did I do it it? Because it was time time to begin, and I was ready! Each day brought a new revelation, lesson, challenge, encounter, a teaching moment, that revealed to me that living big and loving big are uniquely interconnected. Welcome 2013, the year of lovebig 365. Each post was an expression of love experienced, witnessed, inspired, manifested. It didn't always make sense in the moment, and yet its sheer mystery hopefully evoked a beautiful affirmation of life and all of its shimmery brightness; broken up, lovely to behold, tender and full of purpose. 2014, jagged, bumpy, disjointed posts. 2015, silence, and plenty of growth within that silence. Manifesting 2016: The creation of a gathering place for gratitude. Join in the wavering, audacious, unequivocal fun. 2017: Reflection 2018: POWER, MAGIC, TRANSFORMATION
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