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“Our brokenness may explain us, but it doesn’t excuse us. You are charged to pick up your pieces, and recover your wholeness. No thing but self-possession can relieve the felt need for all that seems beyond you. To truly “have it all,” rest in the precious completeness within you.”
Gil Hedley

I had a Nia Jam in the Serenity Space today. There were 25 people dancing to sequenced routines for Abba songs, from a variety of funky Nia teachers. To say it was awesome kind of underestimates it big time. It honestly feels wonderful when planned events manifest even better than imagined. I am enormously grateful to my friend and fellow wellness co-conspirator Kim Lane for creating and organizing the Jam. We will definitely do many many more.

The whole experience today got me to thinking about how far I have come from my pseudo-suburban housewife days, and how much work I have done to create deep within me the “precious completeness” implied in Gil Hedley’s quote. With a hell of a lot of support, I have managed to pick up all of my broken pieces and make myself whole by learning to lean into the light of my heart

And a true awakening of this kind does not come without an enormous amount of grace and gratitude. I feel so lucky to say that the love can be unblocked to heal the insides and gently express itself outward to others. I have had to detach from so much expectation and resentment and general negativity.  I am solely now a well worn nugget of delicious Susaness; complete in the moment, eagerly anticipating all that lies ahead.

Bring it on!

Big Loving Namaste!

About livebig365

Join me as I dive in to the deep end of the pool and challenge myself to live big and love big. What does that mean? In 2012 , I accepted the invitation to push myself beyond my comfort zone, at least once a day, and engaged and responded to my life, or a given situation in my life, in a way that would normally scare the hell out of me. Why did I do it it? Because it was time time to begin, and I was ready! Each day brought a new revelation, lesson, challenge, encounter, a teaching moment, that revealed to me that living big and loving big are uniquely interconnected. Welcome 2013, the year of lovebig 365. Each post was an expression of love experienced, witnessed, inspired, manifested. It didn't always make sense in the moment, and yet its sheer mystery hopefully evoked a beautiful affirmation of life and all of its shimmery brightness; broken up, lovely to behold, tender and full of purpose. 2014, jagged, bumpy, disjointed posts. 2015, silence, and plenty of growth within that silence. Manifesting 2016: The creation of a gathering place for gratitude. Join in the wavering, audacious, unequivocal fun. 2017: Reflection 2018: POWER, MAGIC, TRANSFORMATION
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